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What’s coming in 2018? Here are our predictions

It’s a brand new year, so we asked some of our staff what they thought was in store for 2018. Here are some of their predictions for how technology will shape our lives in the next 12 months. Alice Boshkin, Strategy: Right now, our health data is not our own; it belongs to the providers […]

Introducing Travis Bogard, our new head of product

Here at Samsung NEXT, are many ways in which our team seeks to accelerate the development of transformative software and services businesses. While we’re probably best known for investing, partnering with, or acquiring startups, we’ve also been working toward developing our own products. With that in mind we’re proud to announce that we’ve hired Travis […]

How tech companies should think about M&A

At the LAUNCH Scale conference in San Francisco, Samsung NEXT president David Eun sat down with entrepreneur and investor Jason Calcanis to talk about how our organization works with startups as they build, grow, and scale their operations. Over the course of the interview, the subject of startup M&A came up, including AOL’s acquisition of […]

Why we invested in BlazingDB

This piece was written by Leo Chang, Principal at Samsung NEXT Ventures. I first met BlazingDB founder and CEO Rodrigo Aramburu almost a year ago. We got along well, but at the time he was based in Texas and I was only looking at local companies to invest in. When he moved to the Bay […]

Samsung NEXT at SDC 2017

In October, our parent company hosted its annual Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, Calif. The two-day event featured a number of workshops and sessions designed to help developers in the Samsung ecosystem to take advantage of tools and technologies built into the company’s hardware products. The show was focused around Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, […]

Interview with Baobab’s Eric Darnell on Asteroids! and the future of VR

Last year Samsung NEXT portfolio company Baobab Studios released Invasion!, its first animated interactive VR title. Invasion! was critically acclaimed, as it won a Daytime Emmy and was an official selection of Cannes du Marché du film, the Toronto Int’l Film Festival and Tribeca Film Fest. For its second VR animation, Baobab is introducing Asteroids!, […]

Training robots to have human-level intelligence

At the Samsung CEO Summit in October, Vicarious CEO Scott Phoenix discussed his company’s plan to bring a new, more advanced level of artificial intelligence to robots. By doing so, he believes we can make robots less expensive, more affordable, and eventually ubiquitous in our lives. To understand Vicarious’ motivation, you first have to understand […]

Why Samsung NEXT is bullish on SmartThings and IoT

At the WSJ D.Live conference last month, Samsung NEXT president David Eun talked about how our group operates and why we’re bullish on IoT. First up, what is Samsung NEXT, and why is the group important to driving innovation for the larger Samsung organization? For Eun, the group’s mission is all about identifying innovative software and […]

“But why are other VCs not investing?”

This piece was written by Amit Garg, Principal at Samsung NEXT Ventures. Amit focuses on digital health and smart cities, and his investments include UniKey, nuTonomy, BioBeats, Glooko, Cohero Health, Terapede, and Figure1. On October 24 nuTonomy, which builds self-driving car technology, announced it was being acquired for $450 million. I had been part of […]

Hacking the future at MIT

Here at Samsung NEXT, we’re ultra excited about the future of augmented reality (AR). That’s one reason why we sponsored the Reality Virtually Hackathon at MIT a few weeks ago. The event, which took place over one long weekend, played host to dozens of teams coming together to build interesting new AR and VR applications. Housed […]

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