Challenging the status quo

We start with the why. Why do good ideas fail? Why do some companies struggle to scale? Why can’t corporate innovation be done differently?

How we find the best answers: think and act like a startup. Never stop looking for a better path forward. And keep asking the tough questions.

As the innovation group within Samsung, we build, grow, and scale great ideas, wherever organizations or entrepreneurs are in their life cycle. In our ever-changing and increasingly decentralized world, we believe that our unique approach will empower consumers, strengthen enterprises, and radically transform Samsung itself.

Our decentralized future

We believe that the trend towards decentralization will have a profound effect not just on technology, but on the everyday lives of consumers.

With our eye trained on the future, we are closely tracking this shift towards Edge and Cloud computing. For us, this means developing, acquiring, and investing in software capabilities around orchestration, security, provisioning, and blockchain.

As decentralization becomes the new norm, it’s imperative to address the implications for both innovators and consumers. The rise of IoT and a growing concern over privacy mean that software must meet a new set of standards, like low latency, lower bandwidth, and greater security. How can we best leverage this change to improve user experiences and push the limits of technology?

At Samsung NEXT, we begin to answer this question by decentralizing innovation itself. Our global offices, diverse teams, and open minds live at the proverbial “edge.” And with our deep commitment to what’s next, we believe that the possibilities for improving lives—and evolving technology—are limitless.

Our focus areas

We are interested in fields of innovation that we believe will play a significant role in our increasingly decentralized world.


Interests: Data collection and analysis. Easy-to-use algorithms. Next-gen computing power.


Interests: Strong semantic analysis. Data repositories of human emotions and feelings.


Interests: Platforms-as-a-service. Identity-as-a-service. New opportunities.

Digital Health

Interests: Clinical solutions in chronic disease management, as well as heart, mental health, and eyes.

Edge Computing

Interests: Analytics. The cloud. Networking. Data. Orchestration.


Interests: Connected homes and businesses. Smart cities. Industrial manufacturing.


Interests: Mobility-as-a-service. Fleet management. APIs. Sensor intelligence.


David Eun
David Eun, President; Chief Innovation Officer, Samsung Electronics
Brendon Kim
VP, MD, Global Head of Ventures
Emily Becher
SVP, Samsung NEXT; Head of International
Hankil Yoon
SVP, Head of Samsung NEXT Korea
Jacopo Lenzi
SVP, Head of Operations
Todd Graves
VP, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions
Travis Bogard
SVP, Head of Product