Successful serial entrepreneurs Will Graylin and George Wallner set to innovate the mobile payment experience with a promising magnetic strip technology, but the user experience was not seamless and the product could not scale on its own. In less than a year, Samsung Pay was released, placing the LoopPay solution in the hands of hundreds of millions of Samsung smartphone users.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the SmartThings team led the early days of consumer IoT adoption. Working to enhance how everyday objects interact and connect, SmartThings sought to showcase IoT on a global scale. Within months in working with us, SmartThings was featured on stage alongside Samsung at IFA and CES, positioned to lead the next stage of IoT adoption.

Co-founders Mara Segal and James Flynn envisioned a better way for families to stay connected beyond whiteboards and sticky notes on the kitchen wall. At the Samsung Accelerator, they co-developed StickiBoard - a cloud-connected dashboard that helps busy families stay in-sync across devices. We helped to bring Mara and James’ vision to everyday homes through Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator, now available in U.S. retail stores nationwide.