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Bold and innovative, the NEXT Product group is devoted to creating entirely new software and services businesses and platforms. We’re a diverse and specialized team that develops ideas into products, grows products into businesses, and scales businesses with the power to transform the future of software.

Our team operates across the globe, including California and Israel.

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Sr. DevOps Engineer

San Mateo, California

Sr. Computer Vision Engineer

San Mateo, California

Senior Product Marketing Manager

San Francisco, California

Product Manager

Tel Aviv, Israel

NEXT Product focus areas


Interest: Machine learning.


Interest: AR.

Supply & Demand

Interests: Decentralized computing and more efficient connection of capital.

NEXT Product team

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Andy Chang
Head of Product Marketing
Dane Howard
Global Head of Design, Product
Eyal Shavit
Global Head of Technology, Product
Kristine McDermott
Chief of Staff, Product
Travis Bogard
SVP, Head of Product