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At Samsung NEXT Tel-Aviv, we value independence, creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit, and are willing to back it up with our own passion and access to resources.

Are you building a great product or startup?

We’re looking for great entrepreneurs, with compelling ideas and products, to join our group of early stage startups building deep-tech software and services in deep learning, NLP, cyber security, augmented reality, virtual reality, big data analysis, cloud computing and IoT.



We offer capital, operational support and access to Samsung’s business units to help your product gain traction and readiness for scale.


Are you an experienced entrepreneur with a passion for building your vision? Do you have a great idea that could leverage the resources of Samsung to help you overcome fundraising, development or distribution challenges? Learn more about our EIR program!


Are you a tech wiz with an idea focused on deep-technology? Are you working on a problem that’s too important not to solve, and you need the time and space to hack? Learn more about our HIR program!


We want you to build bigger and better things and we’ll partner with you to do it – whether we’re investing or not – no strings attached.

For Startups and Developers

Get free expert advice and resources (online or in-person) to help you succeed.

Office hours: We’ve assembled the very best professionals across various fields to provide local developers, startups and companies free ad-hoc online consultation. Focus areas include: marketing, product and business strategy, backend, cloud computing, mobile, frontend, VR, AR, wearables and IOT as well as UX and software architecture. Consultations can be held via video conference or during the on-site events we organize. Schedule a 60-minute session online.
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Hardware library: Our hardware library is your window into Samsung’s latest technology. To ensure you have the latest and right tools to create the best experience for users on our products, our hardware library gives your access to a wide variety of them. With our hardware library, get early access previews to cutting edge hardware, as well as maintain your user experiences on existing devices, all of which come with expert advice and mentorship, as you need it.
Book a session for hardware library.

For Community Organizers and Managers

Get connected to peer groups, companies and speakers, and utilize our resources and expertise to create bigger and bolder community events and activities.

Community Cultivation: Tap into our knowledge and 10 years of community organization experience. We’ll help you build an event roadmap, identify the best perspective partners, sponsors and collaboration opportunities and provide logistical and operational guidance and mentorship.

Mentoring: We understand that ecosystems are built on collaboration. Access our time and knowledge to serve you at your off-site community event, accelerator, incubator, shared office space or academic program. Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to assist you.

For Experts and Creators

If you have unique knowledge and an interest to share your tips and tools, we can help you create content (via podcasts and webcasts) and a platform to publish your ideas.

Micro Studio: It’s hard work to aggregate, format and produce enough content to maintain a channel. Let us know if you need assistance in creating a session roadmap, connecting to collaborators and interviewees, or if you want to contribute a few segments or a single segment.

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