Growing the future

Samsung NEXT Ventures brings resources and funding to startups with the potential to deliver outsized financial returns. Startups receive the support and collaboration opportunities they need to thrive, all while adding to Samsung’s growing software and services market intelligence.

Ventures focus areas


Interests: Data collection and analysis. Easy-to-use algorithms. Next-gen computing power.


Interests: Strong semantic analysis. Data repositories of human emotions and feelings.


Interests: Platforms-as-a-service. Identity-as-a-service. New opportunities.

Digital Health

Interests: Clinical solutions in chronic disease management, as well as heart, mental health, and eyes.

Edge Computing

Interests: Analytics. The cloud. Networking. Data. Orchestration.


Interests: Connected homes and businesses. Smart cities. Industrial manufacturing.


Interests: Mobility-as-a-service. Fleet management. APIs. Sensor intelligence.

Ventures team

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Ajay Singh
Director, Ventures
Alicia Garabedian
Associate, Ventures
Amit Garg
Principal, Ventures
Brendon Kim
VP, MD, Global Head of Ventures
Christina Bechhold Russ
Principal, Ventures
Eyal Miller
Managing Director, Ventures
Gus Warren
Managing Director, Ventures
Harry Yoon
Principal, Ventures
Jacklyn Trejo
Operations Manager, Ventures
Joanne Park
Associate, Ventures
John Rodkin
Managing Director, Ventures
Leo Chang
Principal, Ventures
Mario Branciforti
Director, Ventures
Nick Nigam
Principal, Ventures
Patrick Chang
Principal, Ventures
Raymond Liao
VP, Managing Director, Ventures
Royi Benyossef
Manager, Ventures
Siggi Hindrichs
Principal, Ventures
Vincent Tang
Principal, Ventures