Challenging the status quo

We start with the why. Why do good ideas fail? Why do some companies struggle to scale? Why can’t corporate innovation be done differently?

How we find the best answers: think and act like a startup. Never stop looking for a better path forward. And keep asking the tough questions.

As the innovation group within Samsung, we build, grow, and scale great ideas, wherever organizations or entrepreneurs are in their life cycle. In our ever-changing and increasingly decentralized world, we believe that our unique approach will empower consumers, strengthen enterprises, and radically transform Samsung itself.


David Eun
President; Chief Innovation Officer, Samsung Electronics
Brendon Kim
VP, MD, Global Head of NEXT Ventures and NEXT Offices
Emily Becher
SVP, Global
Jacopo Lenzi
SVP, Finance and Corporate Development
Travis Bogard
SVP, Head of Product