“New York City has a storied entrepreneurial history. We are home to the country’s most diverse urban population, several of the world’s leading engineering universities, and the largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies. That’s a unique combination within the tech industry, and one that we believe will be increasingly attractive to founders from around the globe, both as a place to start their companies and also as a logical place to plant a first flag in the United States.”

About us

At the business center of the world, Samsung NEXT New York proves that there’s more to fostering innovation than the Silicon Valley approach. Our location lives at a crossroads of talent, tech, and business that will become increasingly relevant as software becomes the primary focus of technological development. We are a highly committed group that embraces the New York City lifestyle and is passionate about supporting consumer-friendly business models in tech.
Our focus areas:

AI, AR/VR, blockchain, digital advertising, digital health, IoT, OTT, privacy/identity, and smart cities

Our featured portfolio companies:
Cylera, Eko Studio, LiquidSky, Lotik, Sorenson Media, Spatial, Stae, Vidrovr, Virtru

30 West 26th Street, New York, NY

Our New York team

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Alex Pae
Associate, Mergers & Acquisitions
Chris Kurdziel
Principal, Ventures
David Eun
President; Chief Innovation Officer, Samsung Electronics
David Park
Director, Strategy
Deborah Conway
Associate, Ventures
Emily Becher
SVP, Global
Gus Warren
Managing Director, Ventures
Haley Lancaster
Associate, Platform
Jiun Kimm
Head of Diversity & Inclusion
Mia Manantan
Community Lead
Ryan Lawler
Tim Casio
Head of Mergers & Acquisitions
Tracy Hinds
Head of Platform
Vincent Tang
Principal, Ventures