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Bold and innovative, the NEXT Product group is devoted to creating new software and services businesses and platforms. Our team develops ideas into products, grows products into businesses, and scales businesses with the power to transform the future of software.

Our distributed team operates across the globe, including Silicon Valley, New York, and Tel Aviv.

What’s NEXT

What’s next in the world of technology is often driven by a shift in consumer behavior, a new enabling technology, a new platform reaching critical mass, a new interface becoming intuitive, a new distribution channel being found—amplified by the convergence of many of these scenarios. This results in an opportunity for new products and services to capture large value streams that didn’t exist or were previously owned by seemingly impenetrable incumbents.

Beyond the changes in technology resulting from software eating the world and machine learning eating software, we see fundamental changes that impact how technology fits into our lives and how the traditionally siloed digital and physical worlds will further complement each other.

We are excited to be building software and services that take advantage of and accelerate opportunities created in these big shifts:

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NEXT Product team

Travis Bogard
SVP, Head of Product
Eyal Shavit
CTO & Global Head of Engineering, Product
Jairaj Sounderrajan
Head of Sales & Marketing, Product
Lily Chen
Chief of Staff, Product