“With the huge number of startups in San Francisco, our job is to stand out from the noise. We help our startups do just that with a focus on deep operational expertise. Our people are all former startup execs who can speak to new startups in their own language.”

About us

Our San Francisco location is a diverse mix of operators at heart—technologists, product people, lawyers, and entrepreneurs—all with substantial experience running early-stage startups. Strategically located at the startup epicenter of the world, we house and support early-stage portfolio companies and partner with the local startup community. We’re a candid, open-minded, and lively group that lives and breathes “startup.”
Our focus areas:

AI, AR/VR, blockchain, bots, data analytics, digital health, drones, IoT, mobility, and smart cities

Our featured portfolio companies:
BlazingDB, Cultivate, Dashbot, Gyroscope, StickiBoard, Swiftly, Vrtigo

2 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA

Our San Francisco team

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Bhavna Kumar
Senior Manager, Global Growth and Operations
Gary Coover
General Manager, Silicon Valley
Jairaj Sounderrajan
Head of Sales & Marketing, Product
Scott Armanini
NEXT Platform Business Development Advisor