“Not everyone realizes that globally, Israel is #1 in VC dollars, startups, and tech professionals per capita, with over 250 companies that have gone public on NASDAQ. Our location uses a give-first approach to build on the technology momentum in Tel Aviv and surrounding cities.”

About us

At Samsung NEXT Tel Aviv, we know that it takes a village to raise a startup. With an innovation legacy of nearly 70 years, our city represents the technology pioneers who have transformed Tel Aviv into one of the fastest-growing startup hubs on the planet. Our team carries forth the same energy, brainpower, and dedication of those who put Tel Aviv on the startup map. We are proud to work closely with local communities, organizations, and investment partners to support not only our portfolio companies and product teams, but the entire Israeli tech ecosystem.
Our focus areas:

AR/VR, big data analysis, cloud computing, cybersecurity, deep learning, IoT, and NLP

Our featured portfolio companies:
Brodmann17, Intuition Robotics, Intezer, SafeDK, StreamElements

Sarona Tel Aviv


Our passion: helping people with great ideas bring them to life. Whether or not we invest, we support and partner with innovators to foster the spirit of innovation in our community.

For Startups and Developers

Get free expert advice and resources to help you succeed, online or in person.

Office hours: We’ve assembled the very best professionals across various fields to provide local developers, startups, and companies with free ad-hoc online consultation. Focus areas include: marketing, product and business strategy, backend, cloud computing, mobile, frontend, VR, AR, wearables, and IoT, as well as UX and software architecture. Consultations can be held via video conference or during our on-site events. Schedule a 60-minute session online.

Hardware library: Our hardware library is your window into Samsung’s latest technologies. To ensure you have the tools you need to create the best product experiences for Samsung customers, we give you access to our entire hardware library. Get early access previews to cutting-edge hardware, maintain your user experiences on existing devices, and receive expert advice and mentorship when you need it.

For Community Organizers and Managers

Use our resources and expertise to connect with peer groups, companies, and speakers so you can create bigger, bolder community events and activities.

Community cultivation: Tap into our decade’s worth of knowledge about community organization. Get help building an event road map. Identify the best prospective partners, sponsors, and collaboration opportunities. Receive mentorship as well as logistical and operational guidance.

Mentoring: Innovation communities thrive on mentorship and collaboration. That’s why we offer our time and expertise at off-site community events, accelerators, incubators, shared office spaces, and academic programs. We love to help! Let us know what you need and we’ll do our best to help.

For Experts and Creators

We help innovators with unique skill sets create content, like podcasts and webcasts, so they can build a platform to develop, refine, and spread their ideas.

For innovators who already have a platform, we help aggregate, format, and produce content. Call on us for help creating a session road map, connecting with collaborators, finding interviewees, or discovering other platforms where you can share your ideas.

Our Tel Aviv team

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Eyal Miller
VP, Managing Director, Ventures
Royi Benyossef
Manager, Ventures
Yonatan Machado
Principal, Ventures