Join us for Stack Zero Sessions, August 18 in Berlin
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Join us for Stack Zero Sessions, August 18 in Berlin

Are we running out of time?

Those who feed on surveillance capitalism are waking up to privacy’s importance, but unfortunately they are only treating it as a box to tick on marketing materials. Instead of changing their business models to empower customers, they are simply painting over these issues. Worse, they are piggybacking on narratives that the community truly working on permissionless, decentralized systems has been building.

What happens if the paint job is so good that users no longer see the advantages of open systems and are content to stay within those walled gardens?

Are we running out of time to reach consumers? If so, what can the decentralization community do to move forward?

Applications are now open to join our inaugural Stack Zero Sessions, a one-day event where we will be discussing these topics. The event is taking place at Studio C on August 18, the day before Blockchain Week Berlin 2019.

Following the launch of our Stack Zero Grant earlier this year, Samsung NEXT is continuing our support for those who are building the decentralized systems of the future.

At this invite-only event, Stack Zero Sessions will bring together 40 people working on decentralization, from peer-to-peer systems to blockchain to decentralized finance; from technologists to investors to researchers. We will spend the day on self-organized discussion groups, aiming to create an operating plan to address issues such as:

  • The race to redefine privacy
  • How to best convey the trade-offs to users
  • How to avoid convenience winning over security
  • How to see problems instead of people
  • Is decentralization the wrong label?
  • Encryption doesn’t guarantee privacy (but nice try!)

We don’t know if the solutions are technological, educational, or commercial, but we do know that we need the community involved to find them. If you want to contribute, apply here to participate.

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