Congratulations to the Bonsai team on joining Microsoft
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Congratulations to the Bonsai team on joining Microsoft

We’re pleased to congratulate Mark, Keen, and the rest of the Bonsai team on joining Microsoft.

When I first met Bonsai CEO Mark Hammond and heard about what the company was working on, I was intrigued to say the least. Our first meeting was during the peak of the AI hype cycle, where all anyone could talk about was how deep learning and machine learning were going to change the world. The fact that Mark and Bonsai broke through the noise was telling enough.

While many people believed that with enough data AI would eventually replace experts, Bonsai took the contrarian approach of leveraging domain experts to help teach machines what kind of data was important and what kind of behavior to emulate, which results in a collaborative intelligence development. In that way, they are able to train autonomous systems how to accomplish tasks in a simulated environment before the AI tries to solve real-world problems.

We were also impressed with the founding team, which has technical know-how, the experience of building real-world tools, and the ability to communicate the value of their technology and solutions to customers who might not be AI experts. By doing so, they have been able to gain strong commercial traction in hard-to-break-into industrial verticals, including robotics, HVAC, engines, wind turbines, machine tuning, and autonomous systems in general.

While Bonsai has made substantial progress on its own, we’re excited to see how that journey continues as they introduce their AI toolkit to an even greater number of developers as part of Microsoft.

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