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How AI is changing the world

How Hopper is using AI to change air travel

With new apps like Hopper, AI is reaching consumers in the travel industry. Ella Alkalay, vice president of Data Science at Hopper, shared some insights about how Hopper predicts the cost of airline tickets so that users can time their purchase to catch the lowest cost. Read More

How K Health is using AI to change healthcare

K Health is an app that re-envisions a patient's visit to a doctor's office. Rather than spending time traveling to a doctor's office, waiting to be seen, and finally getting a diagnosis, K Health provides a personalized app that facilitates a conversation about your symptoms with your healthcare provider. Read More

How is AI changing the world?

We hosted a series of events focused on “How AI is Changing the World,” with the goal of showcasing what is being done by cutting-edge AI groups from around the world. We wanted to share what you can do with AI today, while also sparking innovation by talking about what AI might be able to accomplish in the future. Read More