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Artificial Intelligence

How is AI changing the world?

We hosted a series of events focused on “How AI is Changing the World,” with the goal of showcasing what is being done by cutting-edge AI groups from around the world. We wanted to share what you can do with AI today, while also sparking innovation by talking about what AI might be able to accomplish in the future. Read More

How Google is using AI to change the world

Google is at the forefront of research on AI applications. "Our mission, as Google, is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful," Martin Aguinis, product marketing manager at Google "Our Google AI team is working to do the same thing with AI." Read More

Why we should care about ethics in AI

How does the role of responsibility and governance come into play for companies building the foundation of AI? How can AI be biased? What are the best practices around privacy and trust? To discuss these questions, we hosted our second What’s NEXT Founder Dinner series on October 24, with a focus on ethics in AI. Read More