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Beyond the bamboo ceiling: Breaking barriers and overcoming stereotypes

Breaking the "bamboo ceiling," as some people refer to this phenomenon, is not just about finding a different path toward leadership. At a recent panel discussion in New York City sponsored by Samsung NEXT, Asian Americans working in the tech sector discussed being perceived as a model minority and questioning the assumptions and generalizations of different Asian identities. Read More

Join us for Stack Zero Sessions, August 18 in Berlin

Stack Zero Sessions will bring together 40 people working on decentralization, from peer-to-peer systems to blockchain to decentralized finance; from technologists to investors to researchers. We will spend the day on self-organized discussion groups, aiming to create an operating plan to address the issues they face. Read More

Putting the “data” in data scientist's Jesse Freeman presented at the Open Data Science Conference in Boston, where he discussed some of the common problems data scientists face and how the MissingLink platform aims to eliminate them. Read More