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Making virtual assistants smarter with Samsung and Bixby

Larry Heck, CEO of Viv Labs and SVP of Samsung, talks about some of the most fascinating AI features around the corner, and how developers are powering those advancements. Larry also explained to me how Samsung's next-generation AI voice-assistant Bixby and developer toolkit is just a glimpse of what's to come. Read More

Building a great company culture with Culture Amp

On this week's What's NEXT podcast I had the chance to sit down with Matt Timmins, European team leader for Culture Amp, about how his company is helping organizations of all sizes better engage, evaluate, and enhance employees in order to improve the workplace experience. Read More

TOA Podcast Studio: Building a sustainable city w/Karim El-Jisr

When you think of the ideal environment to build a green, environmentally sustainable city, you might not expect to place it in the middle of the desert. But that's exactly what Karim El-Jisr, chief innovation officer at the Sustainable City Institute, is doing by creating an oasis right in the heart of Dubai. Read More