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The future of deep learning

In this episode, we talk with Yosi Taguri and Joe Salomon about how MissingLink eliminates a lot of the grunt work associated with running machine learning experiments. Read More

Moving from the cloud to the edge

In this episode, I talk with Edgeworx’s Farah Papaioannou and Kilton Hopkins about how edge computing works, and how their technology makes it easier to run applications at the edge. Read More

The future of video search

In this episode, I talk with Vidrovr CEO, Joe Ellis to discuss the implications of video search. Also joining us is my colleague Jacob Loewenstein who is our resident expert on media technology. Read More

Building credit worldwide with Juvo

In this episode, I speak with Juvo’s Head of Data Science, Aristotle Socrates, about how his company can help the billions of mobile users in the developing world gain access to credit — and why he believes “data science” is the wrong name for his field of work. Read More