The State of Decentralization: Highlights from Tech Open Air
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The State of Decentralization: Highlights from Tech Open Air

Home to Samsung NEXT in Europe, Berlin has become one of the world’s most active hubs for all things blockchain, crypto, and decentralization. Its unique history, combined with its low cost of living and creative scene, has attracted lots of talent to the city. That has resulted in some of the ecosystem’s most promising projects being born in Berlin over the last three years.

This year’s Tech Open Air conference gave stage to some of the heroes and rising stars of the local decentralization scene. Still in its early stages, topics such as decentralized governance, currencies, interoperability, identity, funding, and a whole lot of other crucial topics are still being heavily debated.

As the official video sponsor of TOA’s Blockchain stage this year we’re excited to share the talks of the day with you and present some of the highlights:

“The End of Trust” – Julian Zawistowski (Golem)
At a time when the integrity of many Internet giants is in question, Zawistowski, founder and CEO of Berlin-based Golem, provided a glimmer of hope. By asserting that decentralization is more than just fintech and crypto tokens, he believes blockchain could be the key to restoring our faith in the online world.

“Decentralized Identity & the 4th Industrial Revolution” – Carsten Stoecker (Spherity)
Carsten Stoecker of Spherity focused on the role of identity in a decentralized world. From the creation of a “Digital You” to interlinking connected identity services that utilize wearable technology, this talk is a great source for those interested in what a decentralized future could mean for the individual.

What Is To Be Done? Burning Questions of Our Movement – Amir Taaki (Polytechnics)
What impact could technologies like blockchain have for society as a whole? In this insightful talk, Amir of Polytechnics took a look back at the history of hacking, why it developed in the first place, and the growing need to take a step back before looking at where things are heading.

You can find all videos on Tech Open Air’s Youtube channel. Many thanks to the TOA team for organizing another great conference — now in its 7th year — and continuously giving space for important conversations like these to take place.

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