Learn how to build, grow and scale your business. Introducing ClassroomX at Web Summit.
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Learn how to build, grow and scale your business. Introducing ClassroomX at Web Summit.

It’s never been easier to turn your startup idea into a product, but it’s never been more difficult to turn that product into a business and to scale it globally.

At Samsung NEXT, that’s what we do. And that’s why we’re launching ClassroomX, a new educational content series aimed at providing entrepreneurs, developers, and other startup employees with the tools they need to transform their startups and accelerate their success.

Our inaugural ClassroomX sessions will take place at this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, a global event that brings together some of the world’s most influential companies, investors, and media. It’s also one of the largest conferences attended by early-stage startups in the world.

To help those startups build, grow, and scale, we’re bringing together a variety of product, marketing, recruiting, and sales experts to provide instruction and guidance to conference attendees looking for additional insights and best practices in each of those areas.

In an intimate classroom setting, each ClassroomX workshop, lecture, or discussion will provide participants with practical tools and guidance on how to approach — and overcome — some of the most common challenges entrepreneurs and early-stage startups will face as they grow.

If you’re trying to instill product thinking into your organization, our Ecosystem Director in NY Bo Ren — who previously held product roles at Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram — will lead a session on how to build a product-driven company. If you already have a product in the market but are trying to get it in the hands of more users, our Director of Platform Jakob Fricke will coach attendees on how to validate your distribution strategy. And if you have a product that people already love, the head of our Ventures team Brendon Kim will discuss how you can make the most out of expanding into new markets.

For a detailed list of all available sessions, go to classroomx.com/websummit/.

We’ll be running six sessions a day from November 5-7 at Web Summit. Sign up today to join us at the Samsung NEXT booth, just steps away from the Main Stage in Pavillion 1, Booth E130.

And if you won’t be at Web Summit, don’t worry! Every session will be recorded and after the event, all instructional content and resources will be hosted on our website and made freely available. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on when session materials go live.

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