Introducing the Samsung NEXT Stack Zero Grant
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Introducing the Samsung NEXT Stack Zero Grant

From operating systems to security platforms, the foundations of our current Internet were built by volunteers and researchers. Today, developers from all over the world are helping drive a paradigm shift that will impact not just computing infrastructure, but also ownership of data, communication patterns, and business models.

As users demand more privacy and security and strive to move their data away from corporate silos, they are looking to solutions being created by developers who often continue to build without any compensation.

It behooves us to support these trailblazers.

At Samsung NEXT we believe in helping innovators succeed. We are excited to announce the Samsung NEXT Stack Zero Grant: a non-equity grant program that aims to support early-stage teams building decentralized technologies with funding, expertise, and access to the Samsung NEXT network.

Run out of our European headquarters in Berlin, we encourage individuals and teams from around the world to submit applications around areas including:

  • Peer-to-peer web
  • Distributed applications
  • Federated platforms
  • Personal data management
  • Blockchain technology
  • Development tools and libraries
  • Security, research, and educational initiatives

We are offering selected projects funding between $25,000 and $70,000. If the projects think they can benefit from our expertise, we will also be happy to provide mentorship by Samsung NEXT’s venture and platform teams on scaling, distribution, consumer market insights, product management and hardware adoption. Depending on availability, there will be the opportunity to work from Samsung NEXT’s offices in New York, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

There are no strings attached. We realize a lot of you are working on these initiatives as side projects, after hours, or funding the development yourselves. We just want you to keep doing the work you have been doing up until now.

We do have a few criteria for the grant, though.

First, we expect the teams to be working on non-commercial projects or projects that aren’t investable yet. If you are working on a commercial system, do reach out to our investment team!

We expect that the teams or individuals are developing their projects in the open, for instance as open source or published research. Our goal is to help the ecosystem as a whole, so open access is fundamental.

Finally, we expect you to be working in the decentralization space. It can be federation, distributed applications, research on protocols, blockchain or edge computing, as long as your work is furthering decentralization.

We have assembled a world-class committee to help us review your submissions. It includes:

  • Leonid Beder, Head of Blockchain Engineering & Security at Orbs
  • Lisa Chai, Managing Partner and Bluemont Partners
  • Meltem Demirors, Co-founder at CoinShares
  • Ouriel Ohayon, Co-founder of Kzen Networks
  • Samuli Pöyhtäri, Founder of Haja Networks
  • Santiago Siri, Co-founder of Democracy.Earth
  • Teemu Paivinen, Venture Partner at

We also have an internal panel with members from our international team, including Gus Warren (New York), Raymond Liao (San Francisco), Ricardo J. Méndez (Berlin) and Royi Benyossef (Tel Aviv).

Applications for the current cohort are now closed. For more information on the grant winners, please check back in the coming weeks.

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