Meet us at 1E9 the_conference in Munich
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Meet us at 1E9 the_conference in Munich

Founded by the former WIRED Germany team, 1E9 is a new platform and conference that explores how technology can empower humanity. We’re excited to support the inaugural conference taking place on July 11 in Munich, Germany.

1E9’s mission is to create a new collaborative platform and community for Germany’s tech ecosystem. With a focus on topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobility, sustainability, space travel, and virtual reality, 1E9 aims to provide a forum to discuss the impact of technological innovation on society and culture.

Nick Nigam hosting “The Rise of Avatars” panel at Tech Open Air 2019. The panel at 1E9 will focus on deep fakes and new architectures to protect our privacy.

Meet us at 1E9_the conference on July 11

Taking place at Deutsches Museum in Munich on July 11, Samsung NEXT’s own Nick Nigam and Jakob Fricke will attend the conference and talks.

Nick will host a panel on the topic of “Against the capitalism of surveillance: new architectures to protect our privacy” with Ben Livshits, Chief Scientist at Brave Software, and Bill Posters, the artist behind the recent Mark Zuckerberg Deep Fake Video.

See the full program here.

Planning on attending 1E9_the conference? Then drop us a line on Twitter and stop by the Townhall stage at 1 pm to meet Nick and Jakob after the panel.

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