Vote for your favorite startup bridging the opportunity gap
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Vote for your favorite startup bridging the opportunity gap

Earlier this year we teamed up with NationSwell, an organization dedicated to powering solutions and innovations that will move the world forward, to find entrepreneurs looking to bridge the opportunity gap.

By launching the Samsung NEXT Innovation Challenge, we searched for innovators focused on advancing opportunities in education, workforce development, or economic empowerment.

After reviewing hundreds of applications, we narrowed the field to five finalists, each of which is taking a unique approach to tackling this issue. Check out the startups below and vote for your favorite.

Michelle Ching, Literator
As a former teacher, Michelle knew technology could be pivotal to the classroom experience. Literator combines user experience design and literacy expertise to meet the diverse needs of teachers and students learning to read.

Brian Hill, Edovo
Brian created Edovo to give incarcerated people access to education, communication and self-improvement tools. The result? The opportunity for a meaningful rehabilitation.

Fonta Gilliam, Sou Sou
Around the globe, lending circles have provided essential credit when banks weren’t an option. Fonta created Sou Sou to modernize this centuries-old process for people who have been excluded from traditional lending services.

Preston Silverman, RaiseMe
Most students wait until the end of high school to apply for the scholarships that will allow them to attend college. Preston started RaiseMe so that students could earn micro-scholarships throughout high school.

HeeJae Lim, TalkingPoints
Parent engagement can help close the education gap. Heejae and the team at TalkingPoints want to empower teachers and families to work together through their multilingual parent-teacher engagement platform.


Header photo credit: Mohammad Adiansyah Heikal

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