Congrats to the nuTonomy team on joining Delphi
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Congrats to the nuTonomy team on joining Delphi

Today our portfolio company nuTonomy announced that it was acquired by Delphi, a top supplier of car parts and software, for $450 million.

“We first became interested in nuTonomy because they had proprietary algorithms around self-driving cars that would need significantly less data, which was the product of a lifetime of research at MIT. The co-founders also demonstrated a rare balance of technical and business acumen that allowed them to take this early idea and build a company around it,” said Amit Garg, who managed the investment.

We’re glad that we were able to support nuTonomy over the last two years and are excited to see what comes next as part of Delphi. Congrats to Karl, Emilio, Doug, and the rest of the nuTonomy team as they take the next step in their journey!

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