Samsung NEXT at SDC 2017
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Samsung NEXT at SDC 2017

In October, our parent company hosted its annual Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, Calif. The two-day event featured a number of workshops and sessions designed to help developers in the Samsung ecosystem to take advantage of tools and technologies built into the company’s hardware products.

The show was focused around Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant, as well as SmartThings, which provides the underlying operating system for Samsung and third-party IoT devices. But there were plenty of opportunities for employees of Samsung NEXT and our portfolio companies to also get involved. Below are some of the sessions they participated in.

How we empower software and services startups to achieve their next level of funding

In this session Brendon Kim, VP and managing director of Samsung NEXT’s ventures arm, discusses how the team leverages the power of the Samsung platform to accelerate the growth of startups through capital, expertise, and partnerships. In it he talks about how entrepreneurs partner with Samsung NEXT to achieve their next level of funding and what the ventures team is looking for in future investments.

Savor every byte: Network data performance

Samsung NEXT developer relations manager Royi Benyossef details how to reduce connectivity costs and improve storage efficiency for Android applications in this talk. He reviews case studies in which application developers drained their users’ data plans without meaning to, and explains how mobile developers can avoid doing so in their own applications. As a result, they’ll be able to serve users better and also reduce churn.

Striking an emotional chord in VR

In this session panelists discuss how VR can be used as an emotionally compelling and effective storytelling medium. They discuss some of the challenges inherenet in VR storytelling, and how developers are now creating richer experiences with high-quality characters and visuals. The panel was moderated by Fast Company’s Daniel Terdiman, with speakers that include Eric Darnell and Claudia Southmartin from Samsung NEXT portfolio company Baobab Studios, Yelena Rachitsky and Colum Slevin from Oculus, and Ryan Horrigan from Felix & Paul Studios.

Challenges and opportunities for building a business out of A.I.

This panel takes a look at A.I., which is emerging as a key enabling technology in many new and existing business areas. With unprecedented resources being invested in A.I. research and business, the session is devoted to uncovering the unique challenges and opportunities for startups looking to turn their A.I. technologies into sustainable businesses. Panelists include Mark Hammond and Sai Soundararaj, who are founders of NEXT portfolio companies Bon.sai and FloydHub, as well as Cognicor founder Sindhu Joseph and Samsung’s Ji Soo Yi.

Samsung NEXT portfolio company spotlight, featuring Branch and SafeDK

During this two-part series, SafeDK’s Ronnie Sternberg and Branch’s Mada Seghete discuss the evolution of mobile discovery and security. In the first session session, Branch’s Seghete analyzes key trends driving mobile search, as well as a look into the future of app discovery. The second session features SafeDK’s Sternberg, who talks about the risks introduced when developers use third-party SDKs in their apps, with some real-life examples of what can go wrong and how they can reduce risk.

For more videos from SDC 2017, you can check out the full conference playlist here.

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